On 18th February 2017 in the Church of Saint Adrew Bobola, in Bielsko-Biała (Poland – Bielsko-Biała – Żywiec Spirit diocese) all members of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Community gathered together to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. 
Coordinator of Renewal in the Spirit Diocese of Bielsko-Zywiec - Father Roman Berke referred to the first charismatic experience in the Catholic Church. "Exactly 18th February 1967, a group of students, along with their professors from the University of Pittsburgh experienced a weekend of prayer, considering the passage of The Acts of the Apostles, praying for it, that they also experienced what the Apostles did on the Day of Pentecost. They invocated the Holy Spirit, "Veni Creator Spiritus", persevering in their prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. And then, they experienced what we now call in the Church the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. They were particularly moved by the presence of God in a way that they had not previously experienced, through tears of joy; praying in tongues and words of prophecy.
From now on, in the Catholic Church a lot of various independent commiunities have begun to become, where the Holy Spirit stimulated the hearts to open to give a new breath and revive the Church from the inside. This has been happening for fifty years. God is the initiator of this movement in the Church, and desires that this experience should happen to all of us; that the Holy Spirit revives the whole Church by means their the gifts, the charisms and a new experience of God's love "- said Father Roman Berke.
About 600 people the members of the charismatic communities of the Diocese of Bielsko-Zywiec were worshiping God in their prayer led by the community called "Joy of Cieszyn" with Alexandra Drożdż - our diocesan coordinator at the head. Several experienced members of communities of Renewal shared with the faithful their testimony of the Spirit of life in happiness and joy.
The Holy Spirit led the solemn Eucharist concelebrated by twelve priests and presided over by the Vicar General, Fr Dr Marek Studenski, who encouraged us to broaden the sails of their lives and risk for the Holy Spirit, by His power. He recommended listening to His voice, the training of absolute ear and the discernment signs and feeding with the Word of God, in order to modify their plans according to God's will, because It only gives happiness.
"The Holy Spirit gives you strength, all the energy that fills the" clock "of the world - said Fr. Marek Studenski.
After the prayer after the Holy communion Priest Roman continued: "In fact, our prayer for Pentecost is the opening of the heart. So we go call Him to realize how much we need Him. The Holy Spirit is like water. Some dam stops Him and we want the dam to break, so that water flooded us and grace flowed upon us richly. For God has plunged us into himself. Indeed, to baptize means to immerse. Immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is so much that not only fills us, but He immerses us in Himself. He is like an ocean without shores and without a bottom, in which each of us can swim and dive and wherever we go in this space of the Holy Spirit, still everything is new, beautiful and different because God is like that.
That is why we want to pray for this, for a new experience, we were uprooted from the places where we are “uprooted from these shoes”, which are welded to the ground and did not allow us to move from the place and preach the Gospel. The Holy Spirit wants to send us to other people, places and spaces, which He had appointed. You preach the Good News, because as you retain it for yourself, then it will disappear in you. How will you share this, this experience will intensify in you and joy will be growing. The power of God will increasingly manifest itself in your life by the fact that this power will be shared, by the fact that the testimony you will share with others. "
The Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests "Presbyterorum Ordinis," the Second Vatican Council says: "Priests will be all the pericarp, as long as they succumbed to the Spirit of Christ" - said Fr. Marek Studenski. After the Eucharist, priests prayed having their hands over their heads for all participants Vigil, and finally we had the honor to pray for them in the same way with our gratitude for their invaluable priestly ministry.
"Let us ask the Holy Spirit to do with us what he wants because if Him do not allow, then what for is He to come? He doesn’t come not only because we should feel great. He comes to do with us what He had intended. The same as he did, snatching the Apostles from the Upper Room. He just blew them out. As we after this prayer, we will be blown away from here to these places, spaces that need the Good News. It is for God to lose your position; lose for our Lord your name, because God prudence is a little different than human ... "- boldly said goodbye our Father Roman Berke.
There waited seven angels at the exit (Alexandra, Agnes, Barbara, Alice, Halina, Anna and me), who handed out the sweet word of God, that accompanied us and brightened our road on the way to Heaven. If you have not received a gift, but watched with us, you come to Church of Holy Mary’s Assumption in Bestwina, every Monday at 7 p.m. You can find it there.
The Golden Jubilee year of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, that we have occasion to experience, will have its climax in Rome. Our diocese is planning a trip to Rome, between 28 th May to 6 th June 2017. There will be prayer meetings, workshops and conferences with the participation of Pentecostals around the world (31st May to 5 th June), that will end with the Vigil in the evening of Pentecost and with the Solemn Eucharist of Pentecost together with the Holy Father Francis. 
We invite you to experience the Golden Jubilee once again, with the wealth of Holy Words and music. You can do it with the help of our website: www.bestwina.odnowa.org. There you will find a more detailed report with pictures and the recording of the entire MP3-Vigil.


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